Monday, December 6, 2010

99 Years Young

When a person lives to be 99, you almost begin to think that she might actually live forever. 

My grandmother, "Gram", left this earth last night after living 99 years.  We will miss her immensely here.  She was loved by so many, because she loved us so well. 

She faithfully wrote letters to me right up until her first stroke 2 years ago.  I kept many of those letters and have read back over them this past week since finding out that she would soon be leaving us.  Below is an excerpt from a letter she wrote to me.  It contains one of the most important lessons she shared with me:

In this letter, she wrote that over the years she has "learned to take her burdens to the Lord and leave them there." 

I was so blessed to be her granddaughter.  I'm going to miss her sweet and loving spirit.  We are filled with sadness here without her.  But, much to her delight, she is singing with angels and walking with Jesus now...and living forever!


  1. Such a wonderful contribute to such an amazing "Gram". She will be missed! Sending love and safe travels to Bally this week - will be thinking of you all and that special time together to celebrate a precious life. ~Love, Hannah

  2. That picture brings tears to my eyes ... I can see the beauty in her ... and I love the wave! A wave that says ... until next time. You are blessed to be her granddaughter. May God comfort you as you gather with family and remember her in these next days.

  3. That photo of her is lovely. And I'm so sorry she's gone, as I know you're incredibly sad, but wow, living to 99 is incredible! And her words are so apt.

  4. What a legacy of love your grandmother left you! and such a precious photo of her waving good-bye! or is she waving 'hello' waiting for you to join her .. smile..
    I know you will miss her soo much but what joy in envisioning where she is !
    You have a lovely blog, Kathy! and I wish you a very blessed New Year!
    hugs ... julie (from MGCC)

  5. Oh such a lovely legacy your grandma left you. I love how she underlined those very important words.
    Her face speaks kindness. I am sure you will miss her wisdom and love but the memories live on.


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