Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In like a lamb?

So March has most certainly not come in like a lion this year.  
I hope that the old saying doesn't work in the reverse way!  
No lion is needed, we'll just take the lamb, please.  

Happy Spring to you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Picture Jasper ~ Gemstone Spotlight

Picture jasper is a petrified mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava.  It became superheated and then solidified forming the unusual banded patterns which are typical of this stone.  (Thanks for that info, Bernadine Fine Art Jewelry!)  It mostly comes from Idaho and Oregon.

This type of jasper is a perfect neutral stone with its tan, brown, and creamy colors.  I created this coordinating set as a custom order for a friend.  Picture jasper is combined with antiqued copper in this earthy creation.  

Friday, March 9, 2012

Red Creek Treasures

Red Creek Treasures

This coordinating set will be on silent auction this weekend at our local elementary school.  
Let me know if you would like more details!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mommy and Me

A friend of mine is due to have a baby girl in about a month from now.  Her family blessed her with a shower this past weekend.  I enjoyed looking at all of the sweet baby girl dresses and outfits and headbands...there is not much pink in my house!  I often give jewelry as gifts to my friends, and so it occurred to me that this would be a perfect gift for a mother and her wee little daughter!

Aqua Mommy & Me bracelet set

The bracelets share coordinating beads and antique brass metal findings.  The tiny bracelet is intended for a toddler who is well supervised and has moved past the stage of putting things in her mouth!  However it is made with safety in mind, including a wrapped loop for the dangle, twisted crimp tubes, and a closed jump ring for the clasp.  

This is the first mom and daughter coordinating set I have made, but I think I will be making more!