Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A friend of mine received a pair of earrings as a gift, a really special gift.  The only problem was that my friend does not have pierced ears!  So she brought these earrings to me and asked if I could make something out of them.  I instantly knew what had to be done!  The transformation appeared in my mind immediately. 

What started out as a pair of earrings, pretty for sure, but of no use...

...became transformed into a necklace of timeless beauty that can be worn for years to come. 

Debbie's Dream


  1. Wow! Beautiful, Kathy! You certainly have an eye for transformation!!!

  2. At first I thought you'd changed them to clip ons .. but the necklace is creatively and beautifully done!

  3. Very nice... you make such beautiful treasures :)


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