Friday, September 10, 2010

Seasons Come, and Seasons Go

It's beginning to look and feel a lot like fall in the valley. 

The leaves are starting to change color, pumpkins are getting more round and orange in the garden, and sweatshirts are finding their way into the van for those chilly evenings at soccer practice.  And of course, scenes like this are common...

Okay, just wanted to make sure you are still with me! 

That curious photo was taken by my oldest son.  One afternoon last week, he came running into the house after checking the garden.  "I finally get to see something I've always wanted to see," he exclaimed!  Apparently this is a tomato worm (not a rare sight) who has had the misfortune of being an incubation sight for wasp eggs (now, that's the rare part)! 

Life is never dull here.


  1. I love that "boy" enthusiasm.. "something I always wanted to see!" Boys are born that way!

  2. Oh my, that sounds like Isaac! Yes, boys are a curious type. :)


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