Friday, September 24, 2010

From One Artisan to Another

One of the many advantages of (the online community in which I sell my designs) is the opportunity to meet other handcrafted artisans.  I enjoy looking at other artisans' designs for inspiration.  Also I like to support fellow Etsians when I am shopping for supplies for my designs.

I don't remember how I discovered Marie from Skye Jewels, but she is truly a gem!  She is a jewelry designer, scrapbooker, and creates these beautiful little charms.  These Ephemera charms are made on craft scrabble tiles with really unique images. 

Fall Foliage Ephemera Charm Trio set 17
Fall Foilage Ephemera Charms designed by Skye Jewels
(photo credit - Marie Cramp)
I was delighted that she made these fall foilage charms per my request!  I am hoarding them while I try to decide how to use them.  But one of them did make its way into this necklace...
Autumn Splendor
vintaj brass, red agate, carnelian, red aventurine, glass beads, and Ephemera charm


  1. Gorgeous necklace!! Perfect combination of beads with my charm!! Great job!! Let me know if I can use your photo :)

  2. That is a gorgeous combination of colors and pattern!! Love it!

  3. Thank you! Marie, yes indeed, you may use my photo.

  4. Oh.. that is beautiful! Love the artsieness of this necklace.


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