Thursday, January 20, 2011

882 Hillside Avenue

Nearly 17 years ago, this group of best friends posed for pictures on the porch of the house we shared in our senior year of college, celebrating our graduation.  We lived on Hillside Avenue, hence the name...

"Hillside Housemates"
(The name has morphed over the years to "Hillside Honeys"
due to a mistaken identity by someone else, but the name has stuck!)

Here we are, 15 years later in 2009, gathered for our annual Ocean City Hillside Honeys weekend! 

From left:  Jeané, Krista, me, Mary Jo, and Julie

Let me just say, a girl cannot have better friends than these best friends of mine!  We were all in each other's weddings, and the first friends we each called when we found out we were pregnant.  We lost regular contact a bit over those years between college and before email, but always kept each other close in heart.  Thank goodness for email, so that now we can all still stay connected, despite the geographical distance between us.  We generally email weekly, usually in spurts.  Rarely do any of us just email someone individually; it's a group thing!  But we are good about addressing each person specifically in our group emails.  Even if it's just to say, "Julie, what's going on in your neck of the woods?" 

I've told (warned) them each that I would eventually, at some point, feature them individually on this blog.  Krista and her daughter Regan were featured in this post. 

And then there was the time when I hosted an online auction to benefit Haitian orphans.  Jeané went on a missions trip to Haiti last year, and came back with a mission for helping orphans there. 

So, that leaves Mary Jo and Julie.  After tomorrow's post, Julie will be the final one remaining without a post dedicated to her!  I've got some ideas for that one though and will be getting in touch with you soon, Julie! 

So come back tomorrow and learn a little more about Mary Jo.  Here's a hint....have you noticed my new blog header??


  1. How nice to have friends like that!! It's so hard to stay in touch...but it's so nice to have life long friends!!

  2. I loved this post! I kept enlarging and going back and forth between the two pics ... trying to see who was who 15 years ago.


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