Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still Dreaming of Spring, But Stuck in Winter!

We woke up this morning to almost 7 inches of snow.  It is a beautiful snow (even this sun worshipper thinks so).  Being the first big snow of the year, it is a welcome sight to my boys who have been itching to get out on their sleds.  Personally, this is the most welcome sight I saw today....our neighbor coming up our long driveway on his tractor with a snow plow! 

Much fun has been had already today, by both the boys and their faithful companion!  Goldie loves tearing around in the snow, chasing her boys and raiding my pockets for treats.  

I'm sure that by the end of the day, everyone will be sacked out in front of the fireplace this evening!


  1. These photos look so beautiful . . . especially against the light backdrop ... just fading into it. You captured the feel of the day so well! I can just imagine!

  2. Goldie and your boys are just so darn cute!!!! (Our Golden is Bingo, but is a tad skinnier and not so long-haird). You did a terrific job at capturing the excitement of boys who are sledding when they would otherwise be studying.
    Loved it!


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