Saturday, August 20, 2011

We're Cooking!

If you read this previous post, you will know what I mean when I say "Bead Soup."  It's not a recipe or any kind of kitchen concoction; no, it's a concoction of some creative minds.  I've been hopping around already to the different blogs where bead soup is being stirred, and I am excited to see the final creations.  For that, I will have to wait until September 17.  Until then, I've got some bead soup of my own to throw together.

If you recall, last week I showed you a skewed picture of the beads I sent to my bead soup partner, Christa Murphy.  I am really enjoying getting to know Christa, as we are emailing back and forth about our bead selections.  Here are some pics of the beads I sent to Christa.

The Bead Soup Mystery Pic
The Bead Soup from me to Christa... revealed

We both wanted to challenge each other with colors we don't normally work with.  We both like blues and greens, so those were "off limits!"  I sent her peachy pinks and Vintaj brass; and she sent me yellow and copper.  I love the beads Christa sent me!  Here they are, this is my bead soup I will use to create a piece or 2 for the blog hop...

I will remind you, but be certain to come back on September 17 to see the final reveal.

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