Thursday, November 24, 2011

Up, Up, and Away!

For my youngest son's 10th birthday this month, his grandparents gifted him with the experience of flying in a little 4 seater Cessna.  I got the privilege of going with him.  My husband went with our oldest son when he turned 10, so it was my turn this time.  :-)

My son with our trusty pilot

It's like nothing else to go up in the sky in a little tiny plane like that.  At times, my son and I would look at each other and not know whether to smile or to freak out!  It was the kind of fun that has an edge of fear to it.

But the sights we saw were totally worth any fear or reluctance we might have had.

Happy Hollow - a favorite place where we gather with friends

"With the farmland like a tapestry passed down through generations..."  ~ Indigo Girls


  1. Kathy, Wow now that sounds like a fun day getting to fly around and see things from a birds eye view. That was an amazing birthday gift and an experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

  2. Beautiful Kathy. I had to think how I won a trip when I was a bit younger than your son for a Fathers Day contest to fly around our valley. I did not get to take a parent along though. was a tad scary and I sure did not take along a camera.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now you can imagine how we felt flying with our son-in-law over the jungles of Borneo.
    Has Ben read Jungle Pilot? That is the book that inspired Chris to do what he's doing. Maybe you do not want him to read it. =)
    Happy belated birthday, Ben! When are you getting on that big plane?

  4. Anneliese, I'm guessing though that the jungles of Borneo looked a whole lot different than the farmlands and rolling hills of Virginia! Ben has not read Jungle Pilot. We are looking at tickets and starting to work on passports! :-)

  5. I remember my first airplane ride...I was in early elementary school, and my Uncle who works for JAARS took us up, 2 at a time. I went with my sister Peg...and as he did a steep banking turn over a nearby river, I got disoriented and grabbed the nearest thing I could find...the second control stick!! (it was a trainer plane) Thankfully he was a lot stronger than me!

  6. i have a HORRIBLE fear of flying so i'm a little nauseous right now, but how wonderful to have this experience with your son! and such a beautiful part of the country you live in...the changing colors are amazing!
    cheers kathy!


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