Monday, January 30, 2012

B is for Bracelets

If I could, I would make bracelets all day.  They are my favorite type of jewelry to make.  But unfortunately there is more to the jewelry business than just making bracelets.  Last week, I spent many hours entering data and creating reports for my income taxes.  It was a good lesson for my sons who were laboring over their math homework..."See, kids, you really do use math in the real world!"

After taking stock of my inventory, I saw that there are many bracelets in my inventory just begging to be worn.  So I took loads of pictures this weekend and listed some of them on Etsy.  If you haven't checked out my Etsy shop lately, go and do a little browsing.  You will see many new things, in addition to the bracelets below.

Emerald City

Fuchsia Etchings

Fall Into Winter

Mediterranean Serenade

Robin's Nest

Jeané Collection bracelet


  1. I looked through all the lovely bracelets to determine which was my very favorite...and fittingly, it was the final one! ;) You are one talented dame!

  2. Beautiful! You are so creative. It's interesting how we are made to enjoy the gift God has given us. It would stress me out to have to think os so many variations to make.


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