Thursday, January 26, 2012

Only If I'm Being Chased

If you're one of my good friends, you've probably heard me say before that the only way you'll see me running is if "someone is chasing me."  I just don't have it in me.  No desire (absolutely none), to be a runner.  However, I admire those who do.

For the past several months my oldest son and hubby have been getting up at the crack of dawn to run.  And nothing is chasing them!  Admiration for sure, but no desire to join them.

They successfully trained for this...

On New Year's Eve, they ran in a 5k event held in our downtown streets.  Golly, I was so proud of them. This was a first for both of them, and I'm guessing it won't be the last.  


  1. Congrats to both your husband and your son! What a challenge and achievement - I know they must really feel proud (and relieved that it's over?)!!

  2. Congratulations to your husband and son's achievement. I'm with you though, I do not like to run, nope no way!

  3. I'm often mistaken for a runner because of my slender build and energetic life but I'm in the same boat as you: "Only if someone is chasing me!" Running is just not fun to me. I like to be able to focus on what I'm passing (scenery, flowers, wildlife) as I go by and can't do that if I'm bouncing up and down. Also, have you ever seen a runner that has a big smile on their face? Not me. Only when they're passing the finish line. LOL. Kudos to your husband and son for completing their first run. To each his own...

  4. That is awesome! I just told my H here ... knowing he'd like that. He has run pretty near every day since out of high school. I'm like you too, but I'm starting to realize that I'm getting older and that if I ever want to run, I should maybe start. It's a strange feeling to think that I may never run.


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