Friday, May 11, 2012

Who's Wearing Artful Accents?

I'm excited to announce that I will be starting a regular blog post feature...and you might be featured!

Who's Wearing Artful Accents?

One of the greatest rewards of creating jewelry is to see my customers wearing jewelry I have made.  Sometimes if I get a little bored distracted in church, I will look around the congregation and count how many Artful Accents pieces I see.  You didn't know that I did that, did you...Becky, Joann, Diann, or Patty?  

For starters, I'll feature my Hillside Honeys.  Here is a recent photo of us at Ocean City, MD for our annual weekend getaway.  It's filled with shopping, laughing, eating, reminiscing, and laughing.  Did I mention laughing?

Hillside Honeys - photo credit:  Mary Jo

Here is a closeup of Julie wearing "Sense of Drama" necklace and "Prairie Pioneer" earrings.  

Another shot of Julie and Krista.  This one is a better one of Krista's jewelry.  She is wearing "Seaside Treasure" necklace.

I wish I would have taken a picture of Jeané wearing a bracelet and earrings from her namesake collection.  

Jeané collection bracelet

I also wish I had taken a picture of Mary Jo wearing her "Blue & Grey" custom made necklace.  But I live near her, and I'll catch her wearing it some other be featured at a later date!  

Do you want to be featured in "Who's Wearing Artful Accents?"  All you have to do is catch my attention by wearing any of your Artful Accents pieces when I happen to have a camera!  I can't wait to look for you!  

Special thanks to Jane Kifer of FEED Handcrafted Arts.  Jane is my 2nd cousin who lives in California and creates beautiful artwork, as well as teaches creativity to kids and adults.  Her jewelry work has been featured on Grey's Anatomy!  She was the inspiration for my idea for this new blog feature.  Jane says.... 

"We are all celebrities and it isn't necessarily better that a TV person is wearing [my jewelry].  TV people wear my stuff and so do teachers and moms and they are famous in their own way..."  

Thanks, Jane!


  1. I'm smiling... I can't believe you said that. That is like my hairdresser looking to see how her clients have done their hair. I get a tad nervous about being seen by her unexpectedly.. but that is because I've done my hair. With jewelry, people do not need to get nervous, because all they have done is put it on! I'll have to send you a picture or be ready in July ....
    That is neat what your second cousin jeweler said.

    1. That's right, Anneliese, you better be wearing something from Artful Accents when I come to see you! Can't wait!

    2. Did you see me wearing any Artful Accents on today's post? I wondered if your eagle eye would catch it. =)

    3. Oh I didn't catch it the first time! But now I see that you were wearing "Concord Grapes" earrings in the picture with the ruffly grey blouse! :-)


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