Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lynx Boys Rock!

It's the end of another soccer season, and I have mixed feelings.  While soccer makes our lives very busy, we enjoy so much about the soccer season.  It will be nice to have a break from traveling 2 hours to away games and juggling homework time with soccer practices.  But we will miss getting together with some great families and watching the boys play.

Congratulations Lynx boys on a winning season!  You made us proud!


  1. Such great photos, Kathy! I remember the feeling of finishing up a season and wondering what would fill our time... but something always fills in. How nice to finish on such a good note! You are such a great sport to support "your boys" with travel and photography.
    I had to smile at the colorful shoes and laces. Shows where I have not been.

  2. Thought of you last night, Anneliese, when US played Canada in soccer! And yes, the more colorful the shoes/laces, the better! Our team donned bright pink laces last October for breast cancer awareness. Some of the boys have kept their pink laces.


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