Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's In A Name, Revisited

For several years now, I have named all of my jewelry designs. I wrote about it in a previous blog post. While I began the process with enthusiasm, now it has become somewhat of a burden. 

Many of you have told me how much you enjoy seeing the names that I give to designs. Despite that encouragement, I have decided to end the tradition. Shakespeare might have been been onto something!

I think you will like what happens when I can give up this process which actually has been stifling and not promoting my creativity. I gave myself the freedom to try it this week, and lo and behold, I cranked out 20 pieces of jewelry! I found that because I didn't have to interrupt my creative flow with the process of name brainstorming, I could keep creating and designing. 

I will leave you with a cute story about the "Olive Branch" earrings pictured at the beginning of the 3rd row on the left. One of my customers, Cheryl, wrote this note to me. 

It all started when my mom started texting and she tried to sign off "I love you" but it auto-corrected it to say "Olives". So now every time we sign off from each other we say Olives instead of I love you. So I thought getting her this piece of jewelry would be very special! 

I will miss hearing neat stories like that, but methinks this change will be a good thing! 


  1. Kathy, do what's right for you. It's the jewelry, not the naming that gives you life. ...and your custom jewelry was a hit at the wedding! thanks!

  2. I think your decision is good if it takes time no one pays for. =)
    If someone wants to you to do some custom jewelry and name it, that is different.
    Have you ever thought of doing Christmas tree ornaments? Just wondering how that would go. I have a set of 12 or so .. they look like lovely long earings and they are beautiful on the tree.

    1. You know, Anneliese, every year when it gets close to Christmas...I think that I should make ornaments. But I'm always too busy at that time of year to embark on something else! Remind me of this in July please. :-)

  3. When listing items on etsy I have the hardest time coming up with an adequate title for the item. I wish I could pay someone to do that part of my online shop because it is definitely not fun. I think your new plan will work out just fine.

    PS - I added the earrings in the last row, second from left to my b-day wish list. Hopefully my husband is paying attention like he did last year with one of your acorn necklaces. :)

  4. I used to name all my pieces with girls names. I had a huge baby name book, in fact! Then I got all confused when I'd forget and make "twins" that looked nothing alike, and switched to.whatever popped into my head. And NOW we're all told our titles should be SEO-friendly, like "blue and white charm bracelet", and I'm having trouble with that. I need to figure out what to do.


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