Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From August to March

Yes indeed, I was out of blog posting mode for the past half year. Life has moved right along, and has been mostly good. I continue to deal with chronic health issues, but TRY to keep a joyful attitude and be grateful for the many gifts I've been blessed with.

A new health issue that was added to my list this winter included some weakness on my left side. As a result, my left hand (dominant one) could not squeeze jewelry pliers hard enough to be adept at making jewelry. Sooo, I had to resort to plan B.

I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit…left-handed. I tried it using my right hand as the dominant hand, but I'm just not that coordinated! So I taught myself (through youtube videos) a basic understanding of how to knit left-handed. My mom gave me some guidance, although right-handed. Then I stumbled onto some videos on how to crochet. I tried this too and found that crocheting comes much easier to me, and it doesn't matter which hand is dominant!

So I've been busy crafting dishcloths for my family members and myself.

I found that the Clover soft touch crochet hooks work best for me, since they are ergonomically correct and feel soft in my hand. I really enjoy the process of crocheting; it's relaxing and allows me to be productive even when I don't feel well. 

I have recently been able to get back to using my jewelry pliers again. I'm thankful! And the ideas are overflowing! 

I was excited to open up the Jewelry Stringing Spring 2014 issue, knowing that my colorful bracelet cuff (#2) would be in the bracelet gallery. :-) This is my 6th piece to be published, and it's still just as exciting!

Hoping to try to keep this blog updated more often. We'll see how that goes. I'm headed off now to my jewelry table to make some pieces for spring. Sadly, spring is having a hard time coming to VA this year. Even my big sad pup is done with snow!


  1. Imagine my surprise! =) On top of that, it looks like you and I were both redecorating at the same time too. I was trying the same template on mine but it looks much better here with the blue you used to accent. I got so frustrated finding something, I finally just went plain.
    Your determination to do things with your hands is admirable. The dishcloths are beautiful and practical and I'm glad you keep being inspired in the jewelry as well Congratulations on another published piece! Your pup does looks sad, indeed! Wishing you Spring to come soon.

  2. How cool that you are having fun with the fiber arts. Now, if you really want to kill some time and be inspired, join ravelry.com It's great for finding free knit and crochet patterns. Let me know if you join so I can "friend" you.


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