Friday, November 5, 2010

Chain Happy

I can't get enough of it, just can't seem to stop using it in every new design, love it....


Rustic  ~  natural antique brass and pressed glass
Chain is so versatile and simple.  I like simple. 

Chain can be dressed up with pearls and crystals.

And Everything Nice  ~  sterling silver, glass pearls, crystals
And chain looks equally nice paired with rustic natural brass and irregular shaped stones.

Oh Beautiful Star series  ~  natural antique brass and kyanite
Chain is showing up in not only necklaces, but also bracelets...

Just For Me  ~ 
natural antique brass, lampwork glass, African turquoise, pressed glass, heirloom ceramic piece

Note about that bracelet....the name "Just For Me" literally means just that.  I made that bracelet for myself (not something I usually do).  The cream colored ceramic bead is from a necklace that my mom had been given as a gift from my brother quite some time ago.  It was made in a local pottery place.  My mom wanted the necklace remade a bit, so I kept some of the beads to use for myself. 

Chain is also showing up in my new earring designs...

Water Lilies  ~  natural antique brass, pressed glass
Here's one more for you to see.  Another necklace from the "Oh Beautiful Star" series.  Christmas is coming...

Oh Beautiful Star series  ~  natural antique brass, freshwater pearl, African Jade


  1. I especially love the bracelet and earrings, Kathy. I agree, chains are very cool:-).

  2. So are you selling these on etsy soon? I love them! Everyone! Especially the stars!!

  3. Rose - yes, I will be putting these in my Etsy shop...soon....good question!

  4. OK - I'm breaking the rules and sending you my favorite from your blog - you had me at hello! That Rustic necklace is awesome. Loving the chain! - MJ

  5. Nice new look on your blog! Clean and classy!


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