Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh Canada...Just For You!

I'm still coveting these mittens from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Aren't they cute?

Speaking of Canada...I have a special announcement for all you Canadians out there who might browse my Etsy shop and wonder why I don't include Canada in my shipping information. 

ARTFUL ACCENTS IS NOW SHIPPING TO CANADA!  It's official.  What took me so long, right? 

To kick off this fun piece of news, I'm doing a giveaway...but only for those of you from Canada!  If you live in Canada currently, then you are eligible to have a chance at winning one of the necklaces pictured below.  Sorry to everyone else not from Canada!  You'll have your chance again. :-)

Please leave a comment (and be sure to include your name if you don't have a blog or website), and tell me which necklace is your favorite.  I would also like to know what you like most about living in Canada, convince me!  I will refer you to my earlier posts here and here, reminding you how much I love warm weather.

Both necklaces are red, in honor of the Canada flag! 

"All In A Row - Cardinals"
sterling silver chain, dark red opaque glass rondelles


"Winter Berries"
brown cotton cord, sterling silver ring pendant, mix of glass beads, coral, and shell


The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the morning of Tuesday, February 8 (EDT).  Good luck!


  1. LOVE those mittens! And I like the first necklace the best!

  2. What do I like most about living in Canada? That is something to think about... I'm thankful for our freedom and good government. I love the beauty and the seasons, of course.
    If I get to make a choice on the necklace... I'd choose the winter berries.

  3. Oh yes...the mittens...a truly Canadian keepsake! What I like most about living in Canada? I love the seasons, the mountains and the abundance of pure fresh water...the freedoms we enjoy...and the people, of course.

    Lovely necklaces! My choice...winter berries.

  4. The mittens made me smile...I just finished a photo album of the Olympics and my favorite photo is when after a long day of feet were soaking wet and I jumped in the car and put my mittens on my feet.
    Looks like we all like the winter berries.
    I love the wonderful color of the seasons and what better place to show off our country with my European guests.
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. How absolutely sweet. I miss the Olympics. . it seems so very long ago. Winter berries. .beautiful. I love that Canada was waiting with open arms when my parents needed a place to immigrate as young children.
    I am going to add your blog to my blog friends page.

  6. We live in the berry Winter Berries is my choice, although they are both beautiful....birds and berries...we have lots of both here in the Fraser Valley of BC. I am so grateful for our country Canada....this past year with the Olympics here I heard over and over how hospitable we were to our guests from around the made me proud to be a Canadian. Coast to coast there is something special in each province. Mountains, oceans, lakes, sunny beaches, prairies, and our own beautiful valley.
    You are welcome to visit us here any time.

  7. I'm so proud to be Canadian - I love the sense of community I feel when I travel across the country.
    Lovely necklaces - I like the winterberries necklace.

  8. Love those, and totally missed the give away. Well, not for me, but a friend, who lives in PA, but is married to a Canadian ... guess they still wouldn't be eligible, but they would love the jewelry.


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