Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's in the Forecast?

Around here, it's been HOT all summer.  Really hot.  I love summer, but this summer has tested how far my love reaches for the heat and the sun.  But after the long, cold, snowy winter we had (I hate winter), I've decided that this heat is excused.  And I will miss it when it's long gone. 

Fall is okay, it's better than winter in my book, but it's not as good as summer.  I decided today that I should really start thinking about making some new pieces of jewelry for fall, now that it's quickly approaching. 

So, I consulted the Pantone color "forecast" for fall....and these are the lovely colors in store for us!

Aren't they lovely and vibrant?
Pantone (the official authority on color) reports that purples and greens will be everywhere.  Sure enough, I consulted some websites like Banana Republic and Eddie Bauer, and these colors are indeed everywhere. 

Fire Mountain Gems (a huge jewelry supplier) always publishes a chart of the color forecast for jewelers to keep in mind as we plan our new collections.  Here is what they are forecasting for fall 2010/winter 2011...

Definitely some gorgeous colors, huh?

These beads will hopefully be coming together in some new designs for fall.  Did I mention before how much I love beads?  Coming soon...


  1. So that is how you do it? The Pantone forecast is beautiful! I love the warm colors in the beads!

  2. Love the last combo, can't wait to see it together:)


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