Monday, June 18, 2012

Chip It!

The newest toy I've found online.....

Chip It!

This is what it does.  First you need to install the Chip It! button on your toolbar.  Click the link above and it should take you to the Sherwin Williams site where you can get the button.   Now you are ready to create instant paint chips!

You find an image with colors you like.  Go up to your toolbar, click the Chip It! button, hover over your image and click it.  Then you will see an amazing array of paint chips.  Pretty cool!

Here is an example...

Go try it!  By the way, I'm not being paid by Sherwin Williams to share this with you.  Just thought it was cool and that you might enjoy it too.  :-)  I'll leave you with one more example.  


  1. Oh how fun is that? I love that! Those earrings are so pretty!

  2. Wow! How handy would that be for decorating a room around a certain favorite chair or whatever.

  3. COOL!
    Thank you for sharing. I definitely want to use this for some jewelry palettes.


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