Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inspired Designs

When I sit down at my jewelry making table, and I feel less than creative, I resort to my Pinterest board called "Pictures That Inspire Designs."   I have subtitled it "Great visuals to use when trying to escape creativity block."   I have been designing from that board lately.

"Cabo San Lucas" - inspired by this picture...
Picture taken by Anneliese

"Sagebrush Violet"- inspired by the colors of these lupines...

photo credit:  http://www.thepeaksislandhouse.com/


  1. So, that's how you do it! Great post- I love seeing the inspiration turned jewelry:-). And that bracelet...I love it!

    1. Yep, that's how it's done sometimes. When it comes to color combinations, there is no reason to doubt the ones in nature that God selects! They're perfect.

  2. Kathy, We all find inspiration from Pinterest. It's a great mental block remover.
    I love both pieces and this year I am really into purple and green...so that is my favorite!

  3. Wow!! You perfectly captured the spirit and color of each photograph to their respective jewelry pieces. It would be kinda neat to include the photo somehow with the pieces to give the inspiration behind it. It adds life to your art! I love your eye!

  4. Kathy... what a sweet surprise! I love how a photo inspires you and I think I'm just learning that now.
    Although I like purple and green.. I really love the more subtle/warm colors of the bracelet. Maybe partly because it reminds me of Cabo San Lucas now.

  5. Nature is so inspiring, isn't it? I'm often saving mental pictures of great color combos for later in creating knit pieces or jewelry.

  6. Love this idea. Need to try it. I have all these stacks of magazine pics saved to inspire ideas, but I get stuck. Thank you for the idea!


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