Friday, June 8, 2012

Filigree Wrapping

I've been trying my hand at a new technique....filigree wrapping.  I mostly learn new jewelry making techniques from internet tutorials.   One of my favorite sites is the Vintaj blog.   Here is the video that helped me learn filigree wrapping.

These are the pieces I have made using this technique.  I am finding it more difficult to do than it looks!  I'm sure that more practice is in order.  :-)

Front of pendant

"Vintage Aqua"

(I think it might need a couple dangles from the center circle...what do you think?)

Back of pendant

Front of earring

"Sweet Briar"

Back of earring


  1. That's really cool! I wondewr if I'll see that somewhere now that you have made me aware of it.
    Oh.. and I think the vintage aqua looks good how it is.

    1. Thanks, but now that I see it in the picture, I think maybe it would be better with a smaller chain.

    2. I would not have thought about it, but now that you say it, I think you are right. Not much smaller though.
      You have a beutiful artistic eye.. oh, I guess that is why you do what you do. =)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    They are very nice. Now you have me interested in doing something like this. Oh and I agree a smaller chain.

    1. Thanks for your comment, especially the agreement on the smaller chain. It's funny how I see my designs so differently when they are photographed. It's a good practice to photograph them and then check them out from a new perspective. Give filigree wrapping a try, Therese!

  3. "Vintage Aqua" has been sold to one of my BFF's! She bought it just like it is. I can't wait to catch her wearing it! :-)


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