Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School and Back to Beading

This was a big week around here.  The boys went off to school, Doug's new job kicked into full gear, Goldie lost her playmates during the day, and I....well, I got my quiet house back.  Ahhhh....

Every morning this week, I started off with the intention of finally getting to make some new designs for fall. 

But there are so many distractions.....  Just had to make a special meal to celebrate everyone's first day of school.  And I wanted to be sure and make some really yummy bread  to go with that meal.  The house could use a little straightening up.  I should go into town and run some errands too.

Okay, back to business.....So I keep trying to stay focused and get back to the task at hand....making new designs.  But first I should really list the designs already made on my Etsy shop.  Well, then I need to photograph them.  Or maybe I've already photographed them...hmmm, let me check.  Oh my word, my picture folders are SO unorganized.  Well, I'm just going to have to organize them before I can do anything else. 

Oh's day 4 of back to school week and I've made NOTHING yet.  No new fall designs.  I haven't listed a single new thing on Etsy.  But my photo folders are much more organized.  And the boys loved their special meal.  The house is straightened up.  Maybe today is the day.  I think I'll try to list these...

Coral Likes Company
Carnelian Elegance


  1. Ooooo. Teresa is very pretty. And, the picture of your boys is perfect!

  2. That's the one I liked! Love your photos! I have to take some lessons now that I have a real camera. Just learned how to put on the strap and try it out this morning. It would be fun to compare food and jewelry photography. I guess your boys don't have to ask if you are done with the jewelry when they see it on the table.

  3. Ooh...they are all so beautiful:):)
    Love your photos simple and bright!


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