Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now at Zola's

For those of you who live locally, listen up!

Sorry to those of you who don't, you're really missing out... on so many levels!  You can just keep reading and pretend to be interested, but here's one great reason to live in the Shenandoah Valley...

Anyway, IF you are local, then you know about the Dayton Farmer's Market.  There's a lovely shop there called Zola's which sells all kinds of extraordinary floral designs and custom home accents.  And now Zola has added Artful Accents jewelry to her inventory!  You can find her website here.  In an upcoming post, I will take you to her shop and introduce you to the talented shop owner Zola herself!

You can find this necklace at Zola's...
Live a Little
featuring black water jasper and sterling silver
Look for this one too...
Caribbean Cuprite
cuprite stones, soo chow dyed blue stones, sterling silver accents

And if you need a pair of basic black earrings, you know the place...
black network stone, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver


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  2. Congratulations! Even though you have your jewelry on the inernet it must feel different to have it displayed in a shop. How do you name your pieces? I love the names you keep finding.

  3. Ah yes, the naming of the pieces...I love it, and I hate it! There are various ways that a piece gets a name. I'm going to do a post on that sometime! :-)

    But in a nutshell (oh, that's a good name!)...for inspiration, I look to nature, or I think of everyday sayings, and sometimes I even make pieces that remind me of someone I know...stay tuned!!!


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