Saturday, August 21, 2010

Menno Jeweler

I'm a Mennonite. 

And I'm a jeweler. 

Most Mennonites aren't jewelers. 

In fact, conservative Mennonites don't even wear jewelry, let alone make it.  I didn't grow up conservatively, but still I didn't wear much jewelry in my youth.

Soon after I had started making jewelry, my mom once referred to me as the Mennonite Jeweler.  Maybe she actually said Menno Jeweler, I don't remember.  Anyway, it struck me that it is a bit odd that I make jewelry.  Being a Mennonite and all. 

Sometimes I wonder if I should be doing what I was "trained" to do, that is, to be a counselor.  Maybe someday I'll feel that call again, although I doubt it.  My call right now is to be a stay at home mom for my sons.  And so for right now, I am also a jeweler, a Menno Jeweler who stays at home with my sons.  And it makes me happy, oh so very happy.  I am blessed!

Are you doing what makes you happy?


  1. Yes I am... I think I've never felt as fulfilled in all my life! Being fifty something is pretty good!
    You just keep enjoying where you are at ... build a good foundation ... and look forward to what's ahead.


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