Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear World...

...Please leave me alone!

With all due respect, I'm really tired of responsibilities, expectations, emails, calendars, etc.

I just want to get some beading and creating accomplished!  It is my work, ya know?  Look at what came in the mail today...

Just look at it, would ya?  How can I ignore all of that?

Last week, I realized that my work area badly needs some reorganizing.  This week, I've been reorganizing my work area which has included sorting, purging, and destashing.  Do you know that word...destash?  I did a google search on it, and realized that I've picked it up from other Etsy artisans because it's not a real word, per se.  In fact, spell check is not happy with me for using that word.

I found a great definition of the word, as explained by "daxdestash" at Etsy.com.  She says in a forum, "it's a word that I like as to me it means giving those unwanted or unused items in your stash of lovely crafty things a new possibility of life in a design by putting them back into circulation for others to use."  That sounds so much better than "getting rid of my junk!"  Some people even open up a whole new Etsy shop to sell their destash beads.... I'm just sayin'.

So if you call me, email me, or message me and don't get a response right away...just know that I am busy beading and creating.  Trust me, you'll want to stick around to see what happens when the world leaves me alone!


  1. Can't help but leave one little comment to say hello! Thanks for the peek through the keyhole.
    Looks like you have your work cut out for you!

  2. Thanks, sweet Anneliese for saying hello! I could really use a sit down and chat session with you right now!!


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