Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summertime Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed for entries....congratulations to RosyRose for winning the Atlantic Aqua earrings!

Currently I'm trying to decide what kind of washer to purchase to replace my old Whirlpool that requires a 20 pound weight on top to keep it going through the whole wash cycle.  I can't even lift 20 pounds, so you see at least part of the problem here! 

Umm, what does that have to do with my jewelry blog?  Well, it's all about choices!  We tell our children to make "good choices", as we try to make good choices while we parent our children.  When choosing a new washer, there are lots of choices, which is mainly why I have not yet chosen one.  I'm overwhelmed by all the choices.  But I like having choices. 

My husband thinks I entertain too many choices when making decisions.  He commented the other day that he's surprised I was able to settle on my ultimate choice of a husband when it came to him!  This is a picture of us in one of those silly photo booths at Kings Dominion when we first stated dating....no choices necessary, I already had made my decision about him! 

This was taken 16 years ago.  Could we look any younger?
Back to choices...today I'd like to give YOU some choices!  Take a look at the pictures below.  There are 2 different sets of earrings. 
Atlantic Aqua

Sterling silver earwires and findings
Aqua faceted round glass beads
Aqua/green pressed glass rondelles

Everything's Just Peachy

Vintaj Natural Brass earwires and etched chain
Peachy-pink faceted glass beads
Today you get to choose which pair of earrings you would like to have a chance at winning!  Simple leave me a comment indicating which pair of earrings you like best.  And I'll randomly choose the winner.  All entries must be in by Thursday at noon.  Thanks for entering, and good luck!


  1. Just Peachy. I think. It is a hard choice.

    Oh, and front load. Personally, I've been coveting the Whirlpool steam washer, but since ours are only 6 years old I'll need to wait a while.

  2. Both are lovely but I'm thinking Atlantic Aqua. They make me want to be on a beach!

    We just bought a new washer and dryer when we moved this past October. I wanted the LARGEST thing I could find since I hate washing clothes. We went with the GE 4.1 cubic foot "Colossal Capacity Washer". So far I enjoy it! Below is a link to it on Home Depot's website.


  3. Hi Kathy ... both so pretty and feminine ... to choose one is hard, but for some reason I'm thinking warm colors of Fall coming... so I choose the peachy pink on the vintaj brass chain. That's my final answer.
    We bought a new washer and dryer last winter and got a Cabrio Whirlpool ... because of the price with a $350 rebate at the time. It acts like a front loader but it's still a top load - which I like. It has a huge washbasin and you could probably do three loads at a time in there... but you would also be disappointed ... it's high energy efficient... so it uses a minimum amount of water. I find it's good as long as I keep the loads at a reasonable size... which I don't mind because I do sort the laudry.
    I read the reviews on it after we bought it and found that peole are unhappy with it.. I can tell why... they overolad it.
    It's wonderful for washing big blankets and pillows, does a great job with delicates. On normal spin it spins very hard.. so at first I had cords coming out very wrikled, but have learned to adjust the spin cycle for things I don't want spun so hard. The good thing about the strong spin is hat everything dries very fast. The drying time has shortened a lot.
    So.. all the best as you shop!

  4. They are both very pretty, but I'm going to go with Everything's Just Peachy because my house is full of peaches!:-).

    Whoohoo for giveaways!!

  5. Both beautiful but...Atlantic Aqua....
    Will need a new washer soon, let me know what you decide:)

  6. Both are really lovely...but if I were lucky enough to win, I'd prefer the Atlantic Aqua to match more of my usual color schemes.

    Best of luck with the washer, the blog, and keeping up with those delightful active boys! :)

  7. Oooo!!! Love this giveaway!

    I think my pick would be the Atlantic Aqua but they are both GORGEOUS!

  8. I love the Atlantic Aqua! Looks like the beach!

  9. Both, both! But if I have to narrow it down to one, the aqua :)



  10. I am impressed, Kathy! Way to go!!! I hope the blogosphere is fun for you. Please consider the atlantic aqua earrings for me, as you randomly draw for the giveaway. Look forward to another visit with you around the pool in the future.

  11. I like the Atlantic Aqua earrings best. That's my favorite color!
    Becky Brenneman

  12. I'm bad at making choices too! Found your blog by Erin's Finding the Funny :)

    I'd have to choose the Atlantic Aqua earrings because shades of blue = fave color!

    I just posted about needing new earrings earlier today too. I'm allergic to my fave pair and in search for new ones!

  13. I really like the Everything's Just Peachy, but they're both beautiful!!

  14. Love them both! Which to choose, which to choose,hhmmmm...Probaly the Atlantic blue, then I share them with Chloe girl:)

  15. Hi Kathy,

    I'm so impressed that you started a blog. Don't feel bad about learning your way around the blogging world....it took me awhile to figure out how to post my comment:)

    Love the jewelry! If I had to pick, it would be the Atlantic Aqua. Makes me think of the beach.

    Also, I'm enjoying reading the comments about washers since we're also in the market. Here's my 2 cents on the issue....We bought a super quiet GE top load and loved it until it died just after the 1 year warranty expired. Then we bought a Whirlpool top load. Wish I could remember the exact one b/c we hated it. It was so loud! Needless to say, it conveyed when we sold the house. Let us know which one you pick:)

    Lastly, you need to publish your writings!!! I have always thought you had a wonderful gift for writing and your blog just reinforced that again. I'm serious...I could read your writings all day.


    P.S. Love the pic of you and Doug. You look the same. No fair!!

  16. Hey there! Good for you! I'm glad I can come visit you now:) And what beautiful jewlery you make! I Love the aqua!

    I'll be back!

  17. So excited you started a blog!
    If I got to choose, I would pick Atlantic Aqua!

  18. Ohhhh....i feel so bad for those pink beauties! They just didn't get the popular vote, and I can't have that. I would choose the lovely delicate peachy pink crystals! I am excited to hear you are breathing new life into your lovely blog. The picture of you and your husband is adorable, the excitement of 'new love' is all over your faces!

  19. Love the aqua! Adorable pic of you & Doug - I remember those days. :) Good luck choosing your washer/dryer - I vote front load!

  20. I saw your comment on Dawn Mast's FB and thought I'd stop by and post a comment. I look froward to peeking at your blog and your website more.

    Heather Baker


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